~ Profile of a Certified Building Analysis ~

Saving money by saving energy. It’s not hard if you work with Joshua Jacobs, a certified and knowledgeable energy auditor. Josh can uncover areas of energy waste in your home and give you precise recommendations about the appropriate, cost effective fixes to reduce energy usage and ensure your home is the most comfortable living environment possible.

Why choose Joshua Jacobs ?

The following video will explain the benefits of hiring a HERS Rater


Thank you for the energy efficiency home audit you performed on my house. I appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to explain the process and information you were gathering. There are clearly areas of my home you found that need efficiency improvement that I would otherwise not know about. I was especially surprised at the air leaks you found in the basement, and appreciate your advice on fixing them. I have confidence that my home is safe after your carbon monoxide tests, and are glad to know about the gas leaks you found that need repairing.

Denise Morgan




With an architectural background and a licensed builder for more than 35 years, Joshua  brings an in depth understanding of how changes in the individual systems within your home -- heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical -- can affect the overall efficiency of the total home environment.   

Joshua Jacobs of Certified Building Analysis reviewing some of the thermal images he tookBeyond his construction expertise, Joshua is committed to responsible, sustainable energy usage. Joshua is a qualified HERS rater;  trained to assess a home’s energy performance and whether it meets the EPA’s Energy Star rating program. He is also a member and certified with a number of industry-wide recognized and respected organizations, including:

  1. Building Performance  Institute: a national non-profit organization dedicated to setting national standards for residential energy efficiency. The organization brings together leading science experts and construction experts to establish widely accepted standards. (www.bpi.org)
  2. US Green Building Council - Massachusetts: the local affiliate of the only internationally recognized green building organization in existence. Sets and issues the LEED certification after rigorous testing. (www.usgbc.org)
  3. Northeast Sustainable Energy Association: the region’s leading membership organization focused on using cutting-edge technology to promote sustainable energy solutions with proven results. (www.nesea.org)

As a member of these leading organizations, Joshua remains abreast of the latest changes in industry standards, tests and recommendations, bringing a wealth of knowledge to every home energy audit.