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When you call Certified Building Analysis -- whether for heating and cooling air loss, mold, moisture, or general energy savings -- we check any and all conditions that can affect your comfort, health and safety.


Energy Audit

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CBA covers Southeastern Massachusetts, from Boston to Fall River to the upper cape.

Energy Audit provided by Certified Building Analysis leading to better energy efficiency and energy ratings

Before our visit, we ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire about  your home, as well as provide copies of your utility bills.  Certified Building Analysis thermal imaging for air infiltrationThis information gives us an accurate picture of your current energy usage. 

Certified Building Analysis uses a state-of-the-art Retrotec Blower Door System to test the overall air tightness of your home and identify specific areas of air leaks.  We may also use thermal imaging -- a non-invasive imaging system-- that displays the efficacy of your home’s insulation and any moisture within the walls.

Your detailed report identifies areas of energy waste, as well as possible safety issues such as gas leaks. The report will include detailed information on recommended fixes and the potential return on the proposed repairs.

Certified Building Analysis does not do any repairs; we believe maintaining our objectivity is key to giving you the best, most effective recommendations for energy savings and efficiency.

Once the repairs are completed, we conduct a second diagnostic test to evaluate the increase in energy efficiency, air comfort and home safety.

An energy audit conducted by Certified Building Analysis is money well spent on your home; providing you with peace of mind, greater heating and cooling comfort, and the knowledge that your home is saving energy by saving degrees.